Aamir Hussain (CEO) Waleed Bin Aamir (Director)

Tesla Industries is a private limited company formed by Aamir Hussain (CEO) in 1992. For the last 15 years, we have been able to establish our network of production and supply in more than 30 cities within the country and for the last 8 years, the company has entered into engineering products exports and is expanding worldwide at a fast pace. Our goal at Tesla is to design and produce hi-tech sophisticated and dependable equipment, controls and safety devices for domestic and industrial uses at affordable prices thus saving and generating a substantial amount of foreign exchange. Currently, we are Pakistan’s largest manufacturer of CNG equipment electrical control devices and regulation equipment. Tesla has a broad-based engineering design, development, testing and hi-tech manufacturing setup that are geared towards the production and constant improvement of quality gas and electrical innovative products.

Tesla is the only Pakistani concern which has its manufacturing facility and products approved by the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board and British Gas. We also have the honor of being one of such facilities in the world to carry the British Gas Logo on its relevant products. Besides these approvals, Tesla is also ISO 9001: 2000 standard approved factory.

In addition, all manufacturing and testing process comply with international standards like ISO 15500, BS 669, EN 60 335-2-73, NFPA-58 and other relevant standards. The manpower engaged in manufacturing and testing processes is also well conversant with the requirements of relevant international standards. In addition, in house training workshops are also arranged to further educate the manpower to the requirements and testing procedures laid down in international standards like ISO 15500, BS 669, EN 60 335-2-73, NFPA-58 and others.

Tesla started its journey with the indigenization of gas geyser thermostat in 1992. Gas oven thermostats, elements and thermostats for electric water heaters followed. Tesla ventured into the international market in 1999-2000. The electric heating elements and thermostats for electric water heaters are being exported to the United Kingdom along with flexible hoses, end fittings and sockets for gas appliances. Tesla is also manufacturing and exporting semi-rotary double acting hand pumps for light liquids to the U.K. market.

Tesla’s turn over for the year 2006-2007 were well above US $ 10 million and we expect this figure to increase 60% minimum this year.

As the emphasis is being made on the use of Compressed Natural Gas as fuel in vehicles instead of petroleum in Pakistan, Tesla has again come forward and in the CNG sector, has developed state of the art CNG equipment, such as CNG Compressor, CNG kits and Dispensers. After the approvals granted to Tesla Industries by relevant authorities concerned authorities, the number of CNG manufacturing/ sold/ installed is exceeding beyond 1500.

Products Specifications

Tesla produces a whole range of flexible hoses with its ancillary parts for both domestic and industrial applications. Confirming to BS 331 standards, both the range of products and the production facility is certified by Advantica (British Gas). Tesla has the distinction of carrying British gas logo on this product.

Another range of Tesla’s products in the Electrical elements, which includes elements of different wattage, sizes and material suited for a variety of applications including water heaters boilers, towel rail heaters and also industrial heating.
Tesla also produces a variety of steam type thermostats for different temperature ranges and applications with and without over-temperature safety cut-outs. Tesla’s factory is also certified BEAB (British Electrotechnical Approval Board) UK for its electric products.

Tesla has also entered into a contract with a foreign manufacturer of CNG/LPG conversion kits, for the transfer of technology and manufacture of such kits in Pakistan. CNG kit is approved by OGRA Pakistan and the phased process of technology transfer and indigenization is almost complete, where as soon as government authorities approve Tesla will start production of its LPG conversion kit as well. At present Tesla is importing Kits from Hoffmann Argentina to meet the demand of the local market. The kits also conform to the applicable standards as ISO 15500 and NFPA 58.

Tesla has extended its existing range of dispenser to 2 side LPG dispensers as well. The state of the art CNG and LPG dispensers incorporate innovative LCD touch screens which enable the operators much ease in operation and provide clear visibility. The accuracy of these dispensers is well under + 1% due to the incorporation of sophisticated mass flow meters. The software installed also includes a MIS module which provides sales data at the managerial level. With Gas leakage detectors installed Tesla CNG dispensers stand way ahead in the technological competition.

Tesla is developing its infrastructure for LPG bowzers and vehicle tanks to be able to service the industry/nation when required.

Hydraulic Compressed Natural Gas Compressor is yet another product of Tesla which is far more efficient and environment-friendly than those conventional ones which are currently being imported in the country. The R&D for this compressor started in collaboration with O’Green Compressors, USA and the product was approved by the OGRA Pakistan in 2004.

Tesla has also entered into a contract with Kioshi Cylinders from Argentina and these cylinders are approved and being used in vehicles and as storage cascade all over Pakistan and are the only cylinders in use in Pakistan that have been tested and approved by Powertech Labs, Canada.

The latest innovation from Tesla is the digital priority fill panel for CNG refueling stations. This innovative priority fill panel has many advantages over the conventional priority panel being used by the CNG refueling stations. The pressure sensing device provided is electronic and is far more accurate than the conventional one. This helps in more accurate selection of priority required in filling the storage unit.

Another product which is in the final stages of development is the CNG Booster for the final stage of the CNG compressor. The concept behind the development of this booster is to always maintain the high-pressure side of the bank at the pressure required by the high-pressure setting of the priority panel. It is so designed that it starts automatically when the fall in pressure in the high-pressure bank is sensed. The speed is regulated automatically according to the requirement. This booster has the capacity to boost the initial pressure ranging from 70 psi to 3000 psi to a final pressure of 3600 psi maximum at the maximum flow rate of 500 cubic meters per hour.

Services and Warranty

Tesla is now the most credible name in the manufacturing and testing of CNG products in Pakistan. Its products are backed by after sales service warranty which is provided through the network of service centers available/ established in all of the major cities of Pakistan. Tesla has invested a lot in the building of infrastructure and service network for the CNG products. After the development of infrastructure, Tesla is now looking for new partners with whom it could venture jointly, on a reciprocal basis, into the manufacturing of remaining CNG products in Pakistan to save precious foreign exchange and creates local employment with skill development in the CNG industry.