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Features & Specs:

  • Tesla Smart Geyser comes with Smart touch screen Remote.
  • It provides 24 hours Scheduling that avoids heating during peak tariff hours.
  • Tesla Smart Geyser have a unique new system that ensures your water will stay at bearable temperature and you can easily control temperature limit.
  • Beside Remote Tesla Smart Geyser comes with App so that you can control your Geyser from anywhere.
  • Tesla Smart Geyser has a temperature Sensor, it will automatically turn on when it detects low temperature, so you never have to start a fire by hand again.
  • As the country's first and only Smart Geyser. Tesla Smart Geyser is a power saving solution for your home.
  • It monitors the gas load shedding and automatically switches to electricity.
  • Smart Geyser is a WiFi-enabled indoor heating system that heats up water in just a few minutes
  • Tesla Smart Geyser automatically shuts off when it senses that the temperature of water reaches a certain point, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn the geyser off.
  • Vacation Mode
  • It provides 4 Hrs Battery Backup
  • Tesla Smart Geyser has Boost Button for unscheduled demands, it you tap on Boost geyser will start heating up water on both Electricity and Gas for 2 hours upto 65 C.
  • Electric Element with Solar Addon
  • Nominal Capacity: 35, 55 Gallons
  • Warrantee Tank: 2 years
  • Electric Consumption: 3000 W x 2 (1-Grid, 1-Solar Optional*)
  • Water Connection Size: 1/2"
  • Water Tank: 10 SWG
  • BEAB Approved Quick Disconnect Safety Hose
  • Boost 15 Minute Recovery: 10, 15 litres @inlet + 15°C